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My History of PC Enthusiasm

PC’s have been an integral part of my Life. Ever since I got my first PC, I was really into the world of Computing. Although, I wasn’t that interested in Hardware at first, somehow, I began to appreciate what was inside the Case of my current PC back then.
I think I was in second grade or third grade when I got my First PC. I don’t have a picture of it saved anywhere. My Dad bought it off of my late godfather. He was the best friend of my Dad. He suffered from Myocardial Infarction and die the same day. His wife was then selling all of his Tech Stuff.
It was a good PC at the time, late 1990’s. It was a Pentium MMX 300mhz PC, a big fancy motherboard with 64mb SD RAM. It had a 9gb Hard drive and used SCSI as its interface to connect to the motherboard. It was also equipped with a CD Burner and a swappable HDD Bay. The tower was huge and was heavy as brick. The PC lasted a few years and helped me with a lot of school projects back then.
We took the PC back home to the Philippines when my…