Just some thoughts regarding Team Drafting and the Team Captain on RGC Philippines

Ok, here are some of my thoughts regarding the PHILIPPINE SECTION of RGC. I know that not ALL players are like this, but in most cases, and in almost every game I have played in - THE TEAM CAPTAINS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO PICK A HERO FOR THEIR TEAMMATES EVEN IF A TEAMMATE ISN'T ANY GOOD WITH THE HERO THE CAPTAIN CHOOSES FOR HIM.

Ok, I always joined games where the captain chooses without asking any of his teammates what heroes they would like. He just drafts a good team which HE thinks would own the other team. While on the other hand, the team doesn't know HOW to play the heroes they will be left with. In my regard, I always get a hero that I'm not good at even though I tried talking to the captain about how I could best utilize my skills with a certain hero that would perfectly fit the draft. And then - they just ignore me or any of my teammates - which would later lead to players leaving the game.
I don't know what's wrong with these kinds of players. And I do bet those players won't even come to the forums to read these kinds of topics. If only players, who will take the slots of captains, would consider the requests of his / her teammates, we could avoid early abandonment of players, leading to a remake or an unbalanced game.

You get a hero you're not familiar with and you get shouted at with words like:
- F**K YOU
because you feed or spoil the game for your teammates.

Is it really our fault for ruining the game for others, because they let you play a hero you don't know? I'm not calling myself a PRO at dota but I know my strengths with certain heroes I'm good at. There are also heroes I'm not good with and they are the ones who I always get when playing at RGC Philippines.

I'm just sharing with you my opinions about this matter. I know, some Pinoy Players are D**ks when it comes to online gaming, but still there are a few of us who just want a good game, without any profanity and with captains considering the picks of others.

Happy Easter.


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