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Ultimate Positivity

My thoughts have been revolving around this for quiet a while now. Separation anxiety kicks in, never knowing what might come next into my life. I guess this chapter is finally about to close, and another one soon opens. Will this upcoming chapter create another huge impact in this jobless and worthless life of mine? We may never know unless you embrace it with ultimate positivity.
This may be my first post of this year, but certainly not the last. As i am leaving the portals of my voluntary work soon, my life has been filled with sadness, anxiety and fear of the unknown. I have grown too close to them and I've already considered them like family to me. I hate this feeling - when you suddenly realize that you have to part with them soon, and I mean really soon, like two or three weeks from the day this post was written. If only I could stop time and enjoy every single moment with them.
As I look back, I entered a stranger, never expecting that I would create a bond with them. I w…