MHO: 2 Months and Counting

It has been a while since I started volunteering as a Nurse at the Municipal Health Office, Calamaniugan, Cagayan. It’s been also a while since my last blog post, as I have been busy with stuff – but let’s not get into detail with that. The important thing, I’m back and ready to fill this blog again with my experiences and memoirs.

So, where was I? Oh, right, that volunteering stuff. As I was not able to go back to my homeland, I’ve decided to go volunteering – that’s what most Nurses do. Actually, it took me 2 years after passing the Licensure Examination for Nurses to look for work. Why is that? I was in Med School for less than a year but I fell sick with Infective Endocarditis. The post below is all about my recovery. As much as I’d like to go back to Med School, I can’t. That’s where I’ve decided to go on Volunteering as a Nurse. Right, Volunteer – no salary, but extreme fun.

Fun I say because it’s like I’ve found my second family there. All of the staff are pretty friendly and hospitable. From the Doctor to the Midwives, I mean everyone. Even the Nurses I work with are pretty lively. This has been a huge impact in my life, as I have spent the past 2 years on medications and different restrictions. Well, that’s just how life is – people get sick but stand up just to become a better person than he previously was. I might say that I’ve become one of those people.

I would like to thank the staff of the MHO, for heartfully accepting me as one of them – Dr. Milagros Q. De Leon, M.D., Mrs. Marvie Casauay, R.N., Mrs. Edna Fillon, R.N, Mrs. Abstinencia Mecate, R.M., Mrs. Yvonne Guillen, R.M., Mrs. Teresa Casauay, R.M., Mrs. Lorna Aquino, R.M., Mrs. Jonaly Porsenido, R.M., Dr. Guillermo Jurado, D.M.D., Mr. Edimar Cabaya, R.M.T., Mr. Reynaldo Martinez, and Mr. Fresco Ojerio.

I’d also like to thank the RNHeals Nurse and Midwife Trainees, who come from different places but share like-minds, who make every duty as lively as possible. I can say that I get along with them well and have lots of fun with them – Ms. Katrina Dumadag, R.N., Ms. Manie Pajas, R.M., Ms. Rochelle Arao, R.N., Ms. Jennifer Asumbra, R.M., Ms. April Jane Reyes, R.N., Mr. John Patrick Bumatay, R.N., Mr. Jaysie Cuaresma, R.N., and Mr. John Patrick Martinez, R.N.


It’s been two months since I started working there and it really does feel like I’ve been there for a long time. It’ll be a difficult when the time comes when I have to leave. But I cannot say that for sure. Separation anxiety just might kick in sooner or later.

There’s this bond you share with persons, even persons you just met. That bond grows stronger everyday during the time you spend more time together.

Oh yeah, and about that blog post problem – I’ll try to write more posts when I have the time.

Zeldascorn, out!


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