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How Technology Affects the Medical Fields

Technology nowadays plays a vital role in field of medicine. Me, as a medical student, use technology for studying, and on top of that, it takes my skills sometimes to its highest potentials. Basic knowledge on the use of a computer is already a “necessity”, and should be implemented in all basic curriculums, especially in Elementary.Perhaps the single greatest influence in medicine is Technology. The advent of technology and its byproducts have allowed us to enter an era when medicine has greatly evolved to what it is today. The discoveries of many illnesses, diseases and conditions, as well as the advancement of today’s medicines and equipment we use today are product of technology.I have watched an episode of a series which I don’t know on television, about 5 years ago, showing a surgeon who lives or works in another state in the U.S., performing a surgery on another state through robotic arms, and having a control center at his work of place where he stays. The only downside of th…