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Allods Online: PH first thoughts

It's been a while since I made a blog post. This time around, I'll be talking about Allods Online: PH, which was ported by levelupgames to the Philippines. It's been an international MMORPG for quiet a while now, and it's my first time playing since the open beta came out.

I've tried and played several online games by level up, RF online, Rohan, and many others, and it's quiet exciting to play something new once in a while. With RF's omicron server now up, I've decided to leave my ever dearest character sleeping in the accretian HQ and explore the world of Allods.

The game design is actually pretty amazing. In the character selection screen, you get to choose between two factions: and guess which faction i've chosen - LEAGUE. I don't know why but remembering star wars with the EMPIRE and everything, it feels to me like the empire are the bad people. Just kidding. :)
So I've created my character and started playing. The tutorial in the beginn…