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My #@$%#$%&^%#%@ Driving Experience

So, I’ve been driving a car, an old Toyota Corolla 1.6 GLi, for the past 3 weeks and I can say that, it had cost me a lot of trouble and almost my Life!!!Here it goes, my parents bought me a car, ‘cause I’ve decided to go into med school. Yes, I’m taking up medicine where classes have started just last month. So, my fully tuned up car, as i may describe it, has been driven here at the city where I am taking med by my father, and has been left under my care. I had enough experience driving a car and was trained by a professional driver before. I was driving an Isuzu ELF, yeah, a truck, which is a lot bigger than a usual car. I didn’t have any difficulty adjusting to it.First week was awesome, knowing that I’ll be driving my own car, to places like school, malls, and every where else i wanna go to. It was during the first week when I had my first accident. It was on my way home; I had a friend sitting on the passenger’s seat. On a crossing,  it is just but normal for a car to slow down …