Preparing for Med School: What RIG to build

I know that this has little to do with medicine, but who cares - I need a computer, and my laptop can't handle all of the things I'll be doing. From gaming to editing, a mid-end computer should do.

With the variety of hardware available here at home (I'm not planning to spend thousands of pesos to build a new one, so I have to be resourceful), I am placing some of the old parts I have here to build the rig I'll be using throughout my med schooling.

Here are the specs: (I am not really into gaming this time, maybe some Warcraft and PangYa)

Processor: AMD Athlon X2 64 5200+ 2.7ghz
Motherboard: EMAXX AMD780G Pro+ MoBo
RAM: 2x Kingston 2gb DDR800 Ram (4gb Total)
GPU: Palit GeForce 9800GT 512mb DDR3 256bit
HDD: 1x Seagate Barracuda 80GB (OS), 2x Seagate Barracuda 320gb SATA (Storage)
Monitors: 2x 19" Viewsonic LCD Monitors (Nothing's better than a Dual Screen Setup for a single video card)

Hope this should do. Am just going to upgrade later if my pocket allows me to. Med Books are damn expensive. Like the price of a 4870 or so.


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