My life with Technology

I was a grade 1 pupil and every time I went by the principal’s office, I saw that computer of his. A big CRT monitor with a huge CPU case. I think they were Pentium MMX CPU’s running at 333mhz that time with 32mb of RAM, and a 4mb video card. That was 1994 i think. The first technology with electronics etc i had was a gameboy, yeah the fat big gray one with super mario and good old tetris. then i begged my parents to buy me a NES, and i got a nes. The following week i told my parents to buy me some more games for the NES but they insisted to buy a brand new SNES with super mario world. Then came 1998, and the N64 came out. I didn’t opt for the popular “buy” option but I waited a little bit longer. 3 years to be exact. It was 2001 and finally my mom bought me an N64.
Had a PC but the story was totally different. I think i got my first PC in 1997. My uncle died so my father bought his PC. The specs are horrifying today so here were the specs:
Processor: Intel Pentium MMX @ 333mhz
RAM: 32mb of SD RAM
Video Card: 4mb S3 Pro Savage PCI
Hard drive: 6gb IDE hdd.

I still have the PC but doesn’t run anymore. It was great for games like starcraft and hercules. LOL
Then came the pentium 4 era, way back 2004. I got into college and my parents bought me a P4 PC with 256mb of RAM and integrated graphics. It was a nice PC but i couldn’t play most of the modern titles like NBA and FEAR. I searched for options to make them run on my machine but had no luck. I was advised to upgrade my video card. Well intergrated gfx suck and they are not for gaming. So, i opted for the “buy” option and bought myself a HIS Radeon 9250 128mb 64bit AGP video card. And it was a warm welcome to Directx9 gaming, even though the card only supported dx8.1. lol. After a year, i wasn’t contented with the 9250. I upgraded to a Sapphire Radeon 9550 256mb 128bit DDR video card, and it was a huge jump for me from the previous graphics to the gfx i had with the 9550. FEAR, NFS Carbon, and BF2 ran smoothly on high, if not, medium settings. It was a nice card, it had a little blue light on its fan. Had the card for over a year and sold it to a friend ‘cause i was going to an excursion and thought of buying a new video card. I bought myself a Geforce card this time. An Nvidia Geforce 7300GT 512mb 128bit AGP from PALIT, and all of the previous games I mention were clocked up to maximum.
Upgrading and buying PC hardware can be an endless battle, which the ending of the story, can hardly be seen. If you're a tech enthusiast, you probably know what I mean. Technology is going by fast, and the latest in tech, probably by 4-5 months, will already be obsolete.
Zeldascorn, RN out!


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