After Nursing, what's next?

So I got my diploma in Bachelor Of Science in Nursing, and passed the Nurse Licensure Exam, but what's next? I always dreamed of being a doctor someday, and this is the chance. I talked to my parents about it and luckily, they've agreed.
My decision on taking medicine was greatly influenced and at the verge of not pushing through. My experience in computers made me think of taking Nursing informatics. I thought it through, and told my parents about it. That was 4th year I think, where they strongly agreed. Nursing informatics isn't yet available as of now here in the Philippines so I opted to study in America if God would permit. My cousin told me if I was going to push through with Nursing Informatics, she would be happy to lend me a helping hand in going to the United States. There, my dreams of becoming a doctor, vanished. I would have taken the NCLEX after the board examination, BUT, I was there, thinking again: should I swap my dreams for a decision made in an instant? After all that ambitious dreaming of becoming a doctor to serve humanity? I said: NO WAY! I am pushing through with medicine!
Here I am today, a registered nurse, reviewing for the upcoming National Medical Admission Test, held in April of this year, so that I may enroll into a school of medicine here in the Philippines, to help those in need of medical assistance. I won't be the only one from my batch to take up medicine, but there are a lot of 'em. This is it, and I am not turning back. After surviving the hardships of nursing, then it isn't impossible that I might survive med. Let's do this for humanity!


Kit Sumabat said…

Nursing Informatics is an emerging field and it's already here in the Philippines. In fact, I am one of the few practitioner in the country. I am a registered nurse and studied MS in Health Informatics in UP-Manila. I am now part of St. Luke's Medical Center in Global City as a Systems Analyst and have done several health informatics projects with the government, NGO's and other healthcare institutions.

Kit Sumabat, RN, MSHI
Nursing Informatics Specialist
email [at] kitsumabat [dot] com
Zeldascorn said…
Thank you sir for your information. I'm glad that there is nursing informatics already here in the Philippines. I didn't expect that, because from the rumors that Nursing Informatics is not yet available here.

I will be therefore continuing then into medicine this june and hopefully become a Doctor after a few years. Nursing informatics really became a consideration before I graduated from college, but I insisted on taking up med.

Thank you sir for your comment.
Kit Sumabat said…
Please drop-by at

Kit Sumabat, RN

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