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My Trip Home to Aparri

It's been 45 minutes already since i've entered this van bound to my hometown of aparri. There were already a lot of people coming to the van station but refused to enter the van maybe because they have seen that there aren't any passengers on board yet. So they have been waiting on the hi way for another van to pick them up. As for me, i have been sitting in this van for 45 minutes now and there are only 4 of us at the moment, who patiently wait for other passengers to come and ride with us to aparri. It's good that i might consider myself a patient one if not i would already have stepped down from this van and rather have taken the bus. I hope in the next few minutes, this van will be filled with passengers or else i will lose my patience.
Just giving Ping.FM a try.

After Nursing, what's next?

So I got my diploma in Bachelor Of Science in Nursing, and passed the Nurse Licensure Exam, but what's next? I always dreamed of being a doctor someday, and this is the chance. I talked to my parents about it and luckily, they've agreed. My decision on taking medicine was greatly influenced and at the verge of not pushing through. My experience in computers made me think of taking Nursing informatics. I thought it through, and told my parents about it. That was 4th year I think, where they strongly agreed. Nursing informatics isn't yet available as of now here in the Philippines so I opted to study in America if God would permit. My cousin told me if I was going to push through with Nursing Informatics, she would be happy to lend me a helping hand in going to the United States. There, my dreams of becoming a doctor, vanished. I would have taken the NCLEX after the board examination, BUT, I was there, thinking again: should I swap my dreams for a decision made in an instant?…

My life with Technology

I was a grade 1 pupil and every time I went by the principal’s office, I saw that computer of his. A big CRT monitor with a huge CPU case. I think they were Pentium MMX CPU’s running at 333mhz that time with 32mb of RAM, and a 4mb video card. That was 1994 i think. The first technology with electronics etc i had was a gameboy, yeah the fat big gray one with super mario and good old tetris. then i begged my parents to buy me a NES, and i got a nes. The following week i told my parents to buy me some more games for the NES but they insisted to buy a brand new SNES with super mario world. Then came 1998, and the N64 came out. I didn’t opt for the popular “buy” option but I waited a little bit longer. 3 years to be exact. It was 2001 and finally my mom bought me an N64. Had a PC but the story was totally different. I think i got my first PC in 1997. My uncle died so my father bought his PC. The specs are horrifying today so here were the specs: Processor: Intel Pentium MMX @ 333mhz RAM: 32mb…