Geeks vs. I.T professionals

Hey it's new year and this will be my first post for this year.

I think we have heard this story over and over again. Geeks here and there, and then come these so-called "IT pros". I'm not an IT pro but surely I'm a geek.

But what do you think? Are geeks any better than I.T pro's or vice versa? In my sense, they equally competent not just because IT pro's have been studying all these different technologies, and geeks don't?]

It's sometimes really annoying when an IT pro stands in front of you and tells you things you already know (if you're a geek) with all his pride and chin up. (Hehe). Not to boast around but I am knowledgeable about PC hardware and software troubleshooting. I'm fixing PC's sometimes for free (sometimes not if I need some cash hehe) and my friends are really satisfied with my work and then comes this one IT guy who says that they are barking at the wrong tree.

I know they have been studying about every single PC thingy but this I ask them, aren't geeks competent enough to level an IT Pro? I mean, geeks know the difference between NVIDIA and ATI, AMD and Intel, and that the fastest processor on the planet is the Intel Core I7 965, with the Intel Core I9 to follow, which is a 6-core processor. Can geeks play around in Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas and other editing applications? Yes they surely can. How about Programming in Visual Basic, Visual Fox, Visual CC, even in 3ds Max and Maya? They can.

The geek community is large and they are quite competent when it comes to Computers and other Tech stuff. Owners of the fastest Gaming PC's aren't IT Pro's, they are Geeks. Let me name one rig if you wanna know: He's a well known PC builder at and stands out for his Obsession with computers.
Processor: Intel Core I7 965 Extreme
Motherboard: EVGA X58 Classified
RAM: 6GB Dominator GT RAM DDR3 2000mhz
GPUs: 2x Powercolor Radeon 5970 in quad-fire
Benchmarks show that this Rig can run any game as of today, with even Crysis maxed out at 2560x1600 resolution. Even with Eyefinity, and that monster resolution of 7680x1600.

I am proud being a geek, even if I cannot keep up with the latest hardware. At least I am not being fooled by those high-priced Desktop PC's at the market. I can build a better PC myself for that price that they are offering.
My Rig:
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2.7Ghz
Motherboard: Emaxx AMD780 Pro
RAM: 4GB Kingston DDR2 RAM
GPU: Palit GeForce 9800GT Green
It's not the latest but I can say that it's better than nothing. And I'm proud of it.

Geeks sometimes may be geeks, but hey, let's take into consideration that they have knowledge, larger than you may think. Don't think that they don't know anything, they have what it takes to be a GEEK. Don't say that people seeking for PC help are barking at the wrong tree; it may be true that we aren't professionals, but sometimes a little respect may do the work.

I am a Geek, and I'm proud of it.



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