It’s just a few days more before they will release the list of passers of the November 29 and 30 Nurse Licensure Examination and I have been filled with lots of anxiety, pressure and apprehension. Of course, if you’re a taker, it’s only natural that you might feel that way, cause we never know if you’ll gonna pass or not.

We have been reviewing for a month and a half and I do hope that five years of our stay in college, with all the trials and challenges we have faced, we come to this point of culminating all our hardships, to this 2-day exams, just to claim our licenses of practicing nursing in the Philippines. We’ve gone through a lot more examinations before, and the board exam is just another 500 items. People tend to get nervous, experience sleepless nights, and palpitate when they think of the board exam. It’s just a normal feeling but me, myself also experience this. I get heartaches more often but still manageable.

The Caritas Christi is a batch more than capable of bringing back the 100% legacy of St. Paul University Philippines, for all the hardships they have experienced, that I can say, that this batch deserves to be on top.

I hope my batchmates will read this post. Let us continue to pray not for ourselves, but for each and everyone, our batch especially, the Caritas Christi, that we may have a 100% passing rate in the board exam.

See you, RN!



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