Excited: Getting an LG KP500 aka Cookie!

This is it. Finally, i'm getting my hands on to an LG KP500 or also known as Cookie!
It's a full touchscreen phone but does not have wifi or 3G. I don't need that anyway why still get it? Haha. I really like the browser as many have said. It also supports Opera mini and that UBT!

Full phone features:
> Quad Band GSM phone
> GPRS/Edge Support
> 3.2 Megapixel Camera with QVGA Video recording @ 12FPS (Sucks)
> MP4 - 3GP format
> Very nice Browser
> Full 3 inch Touchscreen
> Tiltable to horizontal usage
> Full querty keys and hand writing recognition
> Mp3/Radio Player
> 48mb built in memory
> MicroSD slot. expandable up to 16GB
> Motion Sensor Games
> Etc...

I really like this phone, it's affordable and gives me all the applications I need.
Am very excited to get it next week.


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