Rohan Online PH OB

Rohan online philippines open beta.


Well, after a few years of playing Level up's Rising Force Online, I decided to switch to a new game - Rohan Online PHilippines. Rohan had already been available internationally before and I decided to give it a try.

So to say, i'll just give it a simple review.


- Simple, and easy to learn.

- Tutorial at the beginning to give new players an overview on how things work, especially movement, battle, and item management.

- Massive quests, huge maps, but potions you can only use every 40 seconds. T_T

- Keeps you playing till you get into higher levels, but if you're a player without patience, then you'll not stick to this game for a long time. Maps are huge so getting to place would take a lot of effort in clicking and pressing keys to get there.


- I'll give graphics a 6 out of 10. System requirements are a little bit high, but you don't expect much of its graphics. Graphics are simple but only a slight difference when you crank up the graphics to maximum.

- Runs laggy on older systems even on lowest settings (keep minimum framerate)


- Sounds ok, nuff said.


Game's ok, but if you're an impatient gamer, then this game is not for you. Graphics are far away from Crysis and other high spec games. Final verdict, this game gives you a lot of quests and keeps you playing till late night!




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