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Rohan Online PH OB

Rohan online philippines open beta.Well, after a few years of playing Level up's Rising Force Online, I decided to switch to a new game - Rohan Online PHilippines. Rohan had already been available internationally before and I decided to give it a try.So to say, i'll just give it a simple review.Gameplay:- Simple, and easy to learn.- Tutorial at the beginning to give new players an overview on how things work, especially movement, battle, and item management.- Massive quests, huge maps, but potions you can only use every 40 seconds. T_T- Keeps you playing till you get into higher levels, but if you're a player without patience, then you'll not stick to this game for a long time. Maps are huge so getting to place would take a lot of effort in clicking and pressing keys to get there.Graphics:- I'll give graphics a 6 out of 10. System requirements are a little bit high, but you don't expect much of its graphics. Graphics are simple but only a slight difference when…