Smart Bro su**s a**.... as well as customer service

Here it goes again,.. I received that stupid connection time out errors again and called smart bro's customer service @ *1888. They told me to write down a number which will be used in case someone from their shitty service calls me. They ensured me that i will receive a call from them in the next 24 hours. It was a monday. The next day came and no one called. The following day, no one called. Until friday. I was so mad that i called their hotline again, complaining. The call lasted for more than 40 minutes and still they cannot fix my problem. The next day they sent a field team to inspect my antenna.
Hell yeah, a single piece of shit maybe even plastic blocking the antenna would the internet connection make not work anymore.
They extended the height of the tube where the antenna is placed and viola, connection time outs are gone.

Not that i am happy again, THE SPEED DROPPED! from a constant 370+ kbps, it dropped down to 100kbps. WTF.

So I decided to disconnect my connection (imagine i pay a thousand philippine pesos for a month of shitty connection speed) and went to a different ISP. I get more than double the speed (896kbps) with digitel for only 1,200 php, and with free landline calls locally.

So for those who plan to apply for a smart bro connection: DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! A single banana leaf would make your connection not work anymore! And their customer service is the sh*t. They cannot even answer your questions and problems.

To hell with smart bro. And don't even think about getting that prepaid thingy. It's more worse than you've thought.

\zeldascorn out!


Anonymous said…
Bro anong internet connection mo, problema ko smartbro d2 sa Minglanilla. Parang dial up. Test show it is just .43 MBPS while the promise is up to 1GB

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