Removals Part 2?

Second semester SY 2008-2009 has been a tragedy for most of our batch because only 70 out of 216 students made it through the semester with an average grade of 85 percent. While some are taking their vacations now, people like me are still reviewing for the upcoming removal examinations. The removal exams are intended to uplift your score in the final examination to give you another chance if your grade does increase to 85 percent. I have been reviewing ever since the day they've announced those who passed the subject, for a face that we are only taking up one subject which is worth 3 units.

DSC01853 (Custom)

Don't think that it's not a difficult course because it is nursing and the topics here are wide out of our range. With all the hard work these past days, i can say that i have reviewed very well and i think i might be able to pass.

I pray to God that this is only a trial in life and hope that He will be at my side when I take the exams.

So help me God.


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