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AC Ryan | ProData | ACR-HD51929 AluBox Silver [USB2.0 . eSATA] IDE & SATA2 Review

Connect to PC via USB2.0 or eSATA
 USB2.0 480mbps / Compatible with USB1.1
 The simplest and fastest way to get more storage onto your PC / notebook
 eSATA interface 3.0Gbps (compatible with SATA 1.5Gbps)for IDE or SATA / SATA2 harddisk
 Use IDE harddisk on USB
 Use SATA harddisk on eSATA or USB
 Enjoy the blazing speed of SATA as fast as an internal harddisk!!
 Supports all 3.5" harddisk up to 10000RPM
 Supports all 3.5" harddisk up to 2TB (2048GB)
** NOTE : Retail Boxes & Catalogs nay still state 1024GB, but every AluBox, AluBoxDuo, AluBoxTFX, AluBoxValue already support up to 2TB (2048GB)
True HotSwap Plug-n-Play
 Simply Plug n Play even while your system is on
 Front BlueLED light indicates HDD activity1.8mm Solid Aluminum
 Keeps harddisk cool
 Ultra lightweight solid construction
 Shock resistance up to 90cm freefall
 High quality mirror polishHorizontal Stackable or Vertical
 Designed for horizontal or vertical placement
 Vertical placement with vertical stand
 Multiple box can be st…