Things to do for this month

Today, July 21, is a day in which I shouldn't be sitting in front of my PC. I got a big test tomorrow in Nursing Care Management 104 which is all about psychiatric nursing and I haven't even reviewed a single thing yet. Yikes! So this would be my primary concern this evening. It's still 12 pm and I have plenty of time reviewing.

So here's a list of things to do before July ends. (hopefully)

  • Finish an advertisement for the school (I am the only nursing student in the group doing that advertisement)
  • Finish my Home studio and record some songs in the process
  • Buy a second monitor for dual screening (more productivity)
  • Repair my keyboard (Technics KN-720)
  • Fix some computers of schoolmates while earning money in the process.
  • Teach new songs to my choir at school
  • Go out to the bookstore and look for some new, good books.
  • Watch some movies.

No much but these are the things that I am planning to do before this month ends! arggghhhhhh...



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