Blackout - Not Again!

I hate it when that happens! And now after current has been restored, I tried to open my PC and woooooosh - It freezed! I tried restarting it several times but - nothing happens.

Although I have been used to open my case and do this and that inside of it, this time it's different. I get that annoying beep sound after reinserting those memory modules.

Out with the screwdrivers and toothbrushes! It's time for some back lashing and cleaning! So what I did is remove any PCI, AGP cards inside and tried to clean their contacts. I have been used to cleaning my PC thoroughly every month but have skipped this month because of that exam!!!

Here's a video of me doing some troubleshooting.

I hope that it will not happen again after another blackout! Zeldascorn out!


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