Am I Really A Nursing Student? Geek Stuff

Yes, I really am. I am taking up bachelor of science in nursing, and am in my fourth year now. BUT, why is it that I am really inclined into tech stuff?! Especially when it comes to computers.

They even wonder why I know of these things although I study nursing.
I have been making videos for some activities of the nursing department and lots of IT students and teachers have been saying:" How come you know how to use After Effects and those other piece of softwares? We don't even know how to use those..."

Well, I have just become interested in those things you know... I really like PC hardware. And I plan to build my second PC later if I have the money. The first one that I have built is only a mid-end mean machine, which could at least run after effects and the like.

Well, after my duty at the hospital, the first thing I am going to do - open my PC, check email and instant messages, and play some games.... That's my routine. If I have time to sleep, then I'll sleep. But when I find something to do online or offline, expect me to be awake even at midnight till early morning!


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