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Blackout - Not Again!

I hate it when that happens! And now after current has been restored, I tried to open my PC and woooooosh - It freezed! I tried restarting it several times but - nothing happens.Although I have been used to open my case and do this and that inside of it, this time it's different. I get that annoying beep sound after reinserting those memory modules.Out with the screwdrivers and toothbrushes! It's time for some back lashing and cleaning! So what I did is remove any PCI, AGP cards inside and tried to clean their contacts. I have been used to cleaning my PC thoroughly every month but have skipped this month because of that exam!!!Here's a video of me doing some troubleshooting. I hope that it will not happen again after another blackout! Zeldascorn out!

Things to do for this month

Today, July 21, is a day in which I shouldn't be sitting in front of my PC. I got a big test tomorrow in Nursing Care Management 104 which is all about psychiatric nursing and I haven't even reviewed a single thing yet. Yikes! So this would be my primary concern this evening. It's still 12 pm and I have plenty of time reviewing.

So here's a list of things to do before July ends. (hopefully)Finish an advertisement for the school (I am the only nursing student in the group doing that advertisement)Finish my Home studio and record some songs in the processBuy a second monitor for dual screening (more productivity)Repair my keyboard (Technics KN-720)Fix some computers of schoolmates while earning money in the process.Teach new songs to my choir at schoolGo out to the bookstore and look for some new, good books.Watch some movies.No much but these are the things that I am planning to do before this month ends! arggghhhhhh...WISH ME GOOD LUCK IN MY EXAM TOMORROW!

Am I Really A Nursing Student? Geek Stuff

Yes, I really am. I am taking up bachelor of science in nursing, and am in my fourth year now. BUT, why is it that I am really inclined into tech stuff?! Especially when it comes to computers.
They even wonder why I know of these things although I study nursing. I have been making videos for some activities of the nursing department and lots of IT students and teachers have been saying:" How come you know how to use After Effects and those other piece of softwares? We don't even know how to use those..."
Well, I have just become interested in those things you know... I really like PC hardware. And I plan to build my second PC later if I have the money. The first one that I have built is only a mid-end mean machine, which could at least run after effects and the like.
Well, after my duty at the hospital, the first thing I am going to do - open my PC, check email and instant messages, and play some games.... That's my routine. If I have time to sleep, then I'll sleep. …

PC Optimization Tutorials Part 1 and 2

Did some tutorial on how to optimize windows XP. Watch and enjoy
Part 1

Part 2 

Smart BRO does it again!

I have been again suffering from this shitty broadband service of SMART BRO.2 days ago, my connection was very stable and during the night, I have tried to play a usual game of Warcraft 3 on GArena. Suddenly, every after 3-5 mins I get that disconnection screen.
I've tried pinging many sites using CMD and I got a connection time out every 2-3 mins of connecting to the internet!
This is the 5th time I think that I get a shitty connection, but usually I get 384kbps of bandwidth or much higher sometimes. LOL
Now, my connection is back to stable and I hope that I could play my games normally on GArena and kick some butt...

10 things to keep your PC virus free

Most of us use computers in our everyday life. Especially for us nursing students, who create Case studies with the use of the computer. Sometimes we use those thumbdrives to copy those already finished documents and apply the famous tactic of "copy and paste".But do you think that all computers are virus free? Those nasty little things that could go to another PC by simply accessing our thumbdrives. Viruses, Trojans and other malware are the things that may spread by the simple click of a mouse.

So here are 10 tips to keep your PC virus free:

1. Never use floppy disks - floppy disks are now more vulnerable to infiltrations than any USB flashdrive, so it's better to avoid them, any place, any time. Get a flashdrive or something better.
2. Install Antivirus Software - This is your best friend when it comes to killing those mean little things - viruses. You can download some good AV for free or you can buy them. But still if you're not the type of buying your software, th…