My History of PC Enthusiasm

PC’s have been an integral part of my Life. Ever since I got my first PC, I was really into the world of Computing. Although, I wasn’t that interested in Hardware at first, somehow, I began to appreciate what was inside the Case of my current PC back then.
I think I was in second grade or third grade when I got my First PC. I don’t have a picture of it saved anywhere. My Dad bought it off of my late godfather. He was the best friend of my Dad. He suffered from Myocardial Infarction and die the same day. His wife was then selling all of his Tech Stuff.
It was a good PC at the time, late 1990’s. It was a Pentium MMX 300mhz PC, a big fancy motherboard with 64mb SD RAM. It had a 9gb Hard drive and used SCSI as its interface to connect to the motherboard. It was also equipped with a CD Burner and a swappable HDD Bay. The tower was huge and was heavy as brick. The PC lasted a few years and helped me with a lot of school projects back then.
We took the PC back home to the Philippines when my…

O Naraniag a Bulan - Ilocano Folk Song | Noel on the YAMAHA PSR-s650

I was in the mood again to record something and it's been a while since I've posted here. Might as well start to update my blog again. So, here is a Cover of the popular Ilocano Folk Song, Naraniag a Bulan, covered by me on a Yamaha PSR-s650 and a BM800 Condenser Mic.

My parents used to sing this a lot when I was little, and I had lots of tapes back then that played this song. I'm planning to do a series of these folk songs, so this is the first in the series.


Just some thoughts regarding Team Drafting and the Team Captain on RGC Philippines

Ok, here are some of my thoughts regarding the PHILIPPINE SECTION of RGC. I know that not ALL players are like this, but in most cases, and in almost every game I have played in - THE TEAM CAPTAINS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO PICK A HERO FOR THEIR TEAMMATES EVEN IF A TEAMMATE ISN'T ANY GOOD WITH THE HERO THE CAPTAIN CHOOSES FOR HIM.
Ok, I always joined games where the captain chooses without asking any of his teammates what heroes they would like. He just drafts a good team which HE thinks would own the other team. While on the other hand, the team doesn't know HOW to play the heroes they will be left with. In my regard, I always get a hero that I'm not good at even though I tried talking to the captain about how I could best utilize my skills with a certain hero that would perfectly fit the draft. And then - they just ignore me or any of my teammates - which would later lead to players leaving the game.
I don't know what's wrong with these kinds of players. And I do bet t…

Ultimate Positivity

My thoughts have been revolving around this for quiet a while now. Separation anxiety kicks in, never knowing what might come next into my life. I guess this chapter is finally about to close, and another one soon opens. Will this upcoming chapter create another huge impact in this jobless and worthless life of mine? We may never know unless you embrace it with ultimate positivity.
This may be my first post of this year, but certainly not the last. As i am leaving the portals of my voluntary work soon, my life has been filled with sadness, anxiety and fear of the unknown. I have grown too close to them and I've already considered them like family to me. I hate this feeling - when you suddenly realize that you have to part with them soon, and I mean really soon, like two or three weeks from the day this post was written. If only I could stop time and enjoy every single moment with them.
As I look back, I entered a stranger, never expecting that I would create a bond with them. I w…

MHO: 2 Months and Counting

It has been a while since I started volunteering as a Nurse at the Municipal Health Office, Calamaniugan, Cagayan. It’s been also a while since my last blog post, as I have been busy with stuff – but let’s not get into detail with that. The important thing, I’m back and ready to fill this blog again with my experiences and memoirs.So, where was I? Oh, right, that volunteering stuff. As I was not able to go back to my homeland, I’ve decided to go volunteering – that’s what most Nurses do. Actually, it took me 2 years after passing the Licensure Examination for Nurses to look for work. Why is that? I was in Med School for less than a year but I fell sick with Infective Endocarditis. The post below is all about my recovery. As much as I’d like to go back to Med School, I can’t. That’s where I’ve decided to go on Volunteering as a Nurse. Right, Volunteer – no salary, but extreme fun.Fun I say because it’s like I’ve found my second family there. All of the staff are pretty friendly and hos…


It’s been almost a year now since my last post, and it’s also almost a year ago when I fell sick. Yeah, the simple tonsillitis on my last year’s post wasn’t just simply that – it was actually INFECTIVE ENDOCARDITIS. Yep, a heart condition has led me to that. I have been sick all of my life and have been diagnosed with Aortic Valvular Stenosis after birth.I’m glad I’ve recovered from that now. For those who didn’t know – I’ve spent a week in the hospital, have been on Intravenous Antibiotic Therapy for 2 months, been bedridden for almost 4 months, and have developed even more complications during the 8-month recovery period. I’m glad that it’s over. I’m fine now but the Doctor advised to still take necessary precautions. I have also been advised to undergo Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery in the near future but that can wait. I shouldn’t exert too much effort the doctor said, and that I’m not allowed to carry heavy things.So, here I’m back, posting again on my blog. Thanks to all the p…